When the Change arrives!

When change arrives, it doesn’t bother to knock on your doors, nor does it wait for you to open them so as to give you a tight hug. Believe me! Change just slides in.

Change then stays for a while, giving you moments to reconcile.

You see change, making space for itself within you and find yourself panicking, but change seems too stubborn this time.
You see change turning nights into days, You keep wondering what all has it brought your ways.
You see change, unfolding answers to the questions inside your head, only to add a few more to this thread.

For change at times makes you wonder where it all went wrong or what could go right, but didn’t.

Mind you! Change can be ruthless, for it will force you to lose the grip you held too tight, and chose to get hurt than to lose its sight.

Change will make you accept that you cannot undo anything in life, whether it’s heartbreak or an ugly fight.

However snooping it may look, but change won’t leave you midway, for it will accompany you while leaving the place you thought you belonged to. And you won’t find Change wiping tears rolling down your eyes. It will instead be wrapping all those moments into memories of the last time.

Change might bring some unconditional love as well, which you never thought you would receive, The change will also uncover several masks which were worn, only to deceive.

Change will make you realise that it is the only constant in this universe. The rest are all temporary lies.

For the change, however it arrives, as a guest, friend or kin, more often than not it comes from within.

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