And I am still trying!

I tried differentiating my needs from the wants,now my life has fewer rants. I tried complaining a little less,now I have my reasons to feel blessed. I tried holding on to compassion,now I need less of those prayer sessions. I tried laughing a little more,now I am healing within the core. I tried following myContinue reading “And I am still trying!”

Lifeless !

Not everything that is Lifeless, decays.Sometimes it stays.And appears beautiful than everlike when alive, it had never. As now, it is a SYMBOL, symbolising the creativity of nature that has made even degeneration looked like an art. As now, it is a MEMORY that was once a shared moment.And memories, are always more beautiful thanContinue reading “Lifeless !”


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About Me

Hi, I am Aakanksha Pundir!

I am a student and a self-proclaimed funny person. I like dedicating songs to the moon. Also, I spend a lot of time clicking pictures on my phone. Maybe, I am a nomophobic too (cringe!).

My mind is home for a lot of thoughts. ‘A Silly Head’ is all about weaving them into words.

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