An overdose of empathy

If there were a competition for the most effortless job in this world, judging others and giving undesired certification to them based on those judgements would surely top the list.Most of the time, people receiving this glorious admiration do not even know about it. Felt bad for those, me too. Just think how unfair isContinue reading “An overdose of empathy”


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About Me

Hi, I am Aakanksha Pundir!

I am a student and a self-proclaimed funny (very funny) person. I like dedicating songs to the moon. Also, I spend a lot of time clicking pictures on my phone. I am afraid if it continues like this, I will soon be a nomophobic too (cringe!). And yes, I break coffee mugs often (a bit clumsy that way).

I feel alive when and where I can express myself. Although what follows after is something I am still learning to deal with. Basically, My mind is home for a lot of thoughts. ‘A Silly Head’ is all about weaving them into words.

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