A Tale Of Waiting

Have you waited for something for so longthat you have counted days changing into weeks,weeks turning into months and months into years?Have you waited for something for so long that you know all the colours a night transitions into before dawn? You have heard the rain touching the ground, the wind caressing the leaves, andContinue reading “A Tale Of Waiting”

The LOVE Seekers

Love is often put into words,yet it can’t be defined.We seek it everywhere,but it is hard to find,especially when one is looking for it. So, a hopeless heart,deprived of love,wanders all around.Approaches the literature, movies and folklorewhere love is the god,lovers, its devoteesand society their enemy. The empty heart then gets filledwith all that itContinue reading “The LOVE Seekers”


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About Me

Hi, I am Aakanksha Pundir!

I am a self-proclaimed funny (very funny) person who likes to dedicate songs to the moon. And I find penguins weirdly adorable. Also, I end up breaking coffee mugs often (a bit clumsy that way).

I feel alive when and where I can express myself. Although what follows after is something I am still learning to deal with. Basically, My mind is home for a lot of thoughts. ‘A Silly Head’ is all about weaving them into words.

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