A mug tale

I broke another coffee mug the other day,the numbers I have added to this tally so far would be enough to certify me a Clumsy. I don’t know why when it comes to coffee mugs, I see the end first, then the beginnings. Every time I break a new mug, I escape into my memoryContinue reading “A mug tale”


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About Me

Hi, I am Aakanksha Pundir!

I am a student and a self-proclaimed funny (very funny) person who likes to dedicate songs to the moon. Also, I spend a lot of time clicking pictures, and doing stuffs on my phone. I am afraid if it goes like this, I might soon be a nomophobic too (cringe!). And yes, I break coffee mugs often (a bit clumsy that way).

I feel alive when and where I can express myself. Although what follows after is something I am still learning to deal with. Basically, My mind is home for a lot of thoughts. ‘A Silly Head’ is all about weaving them into words.

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