The Constant Battles

Ridiculing what owned, glamorizing what sought.A battle probably every heart has fought. ©A Silly Head. All rights reserved.

Flowers and the Falls

Autumn verses a lesson to recall,for the flowers,even if not picked would eventually fall. © A Silly Head. All rights reserved.

शाम सा इंतजार

शायद रात सी बेचैनी सुबह के दीदार पर चैन पाए,हो सकता है सुबह सी उम्मीदें दोपहर की गर्मी तले पिघल जाएं,पर आँखो में घर किए बैठा वो शाम सा इंतजार, किस घड़ी गुजरेगा,भला कौन बताएं।

Hay(na)ku of Mind

Mindknows nopleasure than wandering. …An anxious mind often acts blind. … Hay(na)ku poems. Ever since I got acquainted with this poetic form, I couldn’t stop myself from appreciating its charm. I am dazzled to find how merely six words association let me bring an expression on to the surface. The form seems effortless yet neverContinue reading “Hay(na)ku of Mind”


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About Me

Hi, I am Aakanksha Pundir!

I am a self-proclaimed funny (very funny) person who likes to dedicate songs to the moon. Also, I spend a lot of time clicking pictures, and doing stuffs on my phone. Maybe I am nomophobic too (cringe!). And yes, I break coffee mugs often (a bit clumsy that way).

I feel alive when and where I can express myself. Although what follows after is something I am still learning to deal with. Basically, My mind is home for a lot of thoughts. ‘A Silly Head’ is all about weaving them into words.

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